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KinRig 3 – Simply automate.


Automation and commissioning software for machines, systems and test benches

  • Quick and easy commissioning without Knowledge of high-level languages
  • No unnecessary loss of time due to programming effort
  • Standardization of the commissioning of machines and systems
  • Simple development of own standards within the KinRig framework


KinRig. Fast, precise and safe.

What you want to do should be done as quickly as possible. Without complex programming steps, without unnecessary loss of time, without hidden sources of error – preferably standardized. With KinRig, you can program machines quickly, precisely and safely using prefabricated elements and functions. The flexible and modular KinRig framework allows you to develop new elements yourself. Create your own standards with KinRig and benefit from our experience in commissioning machines and systems.


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Automate your machines and plants using KinRig and reduce unnecessary programming effort. Use your time to operate your machines we have the solution for this. KinRig significantly improves the performance of your plants.

KinRig reduces the time needed to commission your machines and plants by 50 % and beyond. You are able to program quicker and, by using KinRig, you save valuable time during commissioning compared to programming using high-level language.

You can automate machines, plants and test benches in a short space of time with KinRig. Use KinRig to convert your PC into a real-time control unit and benefit from our interfaces with common standard software.

You can reach the next stage of automation with KinRig 3. Construct your own standards within the framework and make use of the opportunity to create your own functions and libraries. Completely in accordance with your needs.

“KinRig 3 – Simply automate”

“Our experienced machine builders, test bench and machine operators have created an easy-to-use platform. With KinRig 3, employees can concentrate on working on the machine. Our modular framework makes commissioning easier and faster.”

Peter Klotz, Managing Director, Kinmatec GmbH


vIBN – Services

We are your experts for virtual commissioning (vIBN) in mechanical engineering. With five years of experience, especially with the fe.screen-sim platform, we have successfully realized numerous large-scale projects. Our expertise covers the simulation of robot controls, transport systems, joining axes, screwdriving technology, scanners and more. A central focus is on the simulation and vIBN of safety aspects using TwinCAT. We develop our own plugins, interfaces, SceneObjects, LogicObjects and customized elements.