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Kinmatec is developing a “Smart Control” service: Mobile machine control via user profile and beacon technology


  • Location-based machine control via mobile end device 
  • Automatic user and end device recognition 
  • Context-related presentation of information via user profiles 


Kötz, 25.11.2015 (ds). The automation software manufacturer, Kinmatec GmbH, has registered an innovative, mobile machine operating system for patent approval. The aim of the “Smart Control” service is to simplify machine control and support networking in the “Internet of things”. When an employee approaches a defined machine area, the machine automatically transmits a unique identification number to the mobile end device via beacon technology. The software interface consequently recognises the logged-in user profile and the end device. The system displays the respective menus and information depending upon the location and role of the employee, e.g. operator, technician or manager. Unnecessary searches for the required information on the end device are a thing of the past. A particularly noteworthy innovation is the user location dependency: Important aspects of machine safety are now also guaranteed on mobile end devices. 

The basis of the innovative control system is the KinRig 3 automation software developed by Kinmatec. KinRig and the end device software have both been developed for use with common platforms as well as operating systems and are therefore universally applicable.

A further advantage of the “Smart Control” service is the automated handling of information and errors: All notifications are immediately sent to the end device of the responsible employee. 

Peter Klotz, Managing Director at Kinmatec, explains the advantages: “We are simplifying machine control and are getting the employees into shape for Industry 4.0. Our objective is to automate the procedures when it comes to operating machines whilst taking safety requirements into consideration and accelerate processes as a result.”


Machine control via KinRig and beacon technology



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